Hi Everyone, Thank you for reading our blog posts and learning more about LAV (Lover Antiques and Vintage). If you’ve got a lot of stuff and would love to slim down before Winter, text us at 518-944-0256. We love the fall season for many reasons.  Think of Fall as the beginning of less clutter. Room by room. Piece by piece. Start in one area of your home and set your priorities. Step 1- Clear out any items that you do not use/need. Step 2- If they do not bring you joy, label and gently wrap them put them in a box. Step 3- After clearing out the mass, go to the next room and repeat. Step 4- Contact us with pictures at 518-944-0256 and we may buy your items and pick up. If you need someone to help you go through stuff and buy items, you know the drill. Please note, I live in Castleton on Hudson, NY 12033 but I am very mobile.